This real life location or event was related to Club Penguin in some way.

The jewel puffles are books that are books made of humor it was a great tale in club penguin

descreption/plot Herbert is up to no good again this time he has stolen 10 staff jewels of Queen Puffles staff without them the puffles cant do their abilities the magic in puffle land is fading fast!

trivia the ones with the bows where girls the ones without the bows are boys not to metion Doglas wearing head phones! Queen Puffle was a queen with the King Puffle.

The Books: Friendship The Red Puffle Doxy The Orange Puffle Heartful The Yellow Puffle Wish The Green Puffle Hello Kitty The Blue Puffle Sweet The Purple Puffle Cute The Pink Puffle Ears The White Puffle Monte The Brown Puffle Doglas The Black Puffle