Grey Puffle is a puffle.It is the most creative, intense, adventurous and clever puffle.It's toys are excersize machines, special unicycles (known as tricycles) and bouncy balls.It's favorite game is Card-Jitsu.It's favorite food is pizza.It's special dance is fighting.It's cool fact is that it is extremely adventurous and can give fire to other puffles and itself when riding on tricycles.It's special thing is that it can go out with you while riding on tricycles.It is available for both non-members and members.

In Card-Jitsu GamesEdit

In Card-Jitsu Games, it starts to fight with your oppointment when you gain a card, and jumps up and runs when your oppointment gains a card, and if your oppointment gains the sinking water card the grey puffle sinks and then jumps up before your penguin.Sometimes it also starts to ride tricycles during a Card-Jitsu match.